PES 2021 Official English Premier League Scoreboard - PES Patch
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PES 2021 Official English Premier League Scoreboard

PES 2021 Official English Premier League Scoreboard

The Official English Premier League 2024 scoreboard made by Afandix for eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer 2021 PC Version. Afandix released the English Premier League scoreboard (only 11 Mb). This scoreboard runs on a module created by Mohammed and updated - researched by him.

The Official English Premier League scoreboard​
  • Scoreboard with automatic colors according to player kits (p1/p2/p3/etc) home and away teams (as in the original),
  • The player lineup screen matches the original (some bugs still exist)
  • Dynamic game cards with goal scorer name positions (like the original),
  • Team color when scoring a goal (as in the original),
  • The color of the stats card bar follows the team color,
  • Match the results screen and pause menu with team colors,
  • The scoreboard runs in exhibition, master league, and league modes (for EPL or EFL teams participating in the English Premier League),
  • Shape and colors are based on matches before 05/05/2024, so special colors such as gradient color combinations will not be used at this time ------- (he won't update it, maybe later someone can.).

VAR screen on replay menu,
12 random TV logos (only one file is enough).

Other things needed to make it look like the original:
- Has Sider and Kitserver (Know how to change the config.txt of team kits on p1/p2/p3 or just use my config or customize it with the files provided),
- Font files to make them look right on the screen.

Example of text content in the config.txt file:
UniColor_Color1=#type team hex color code (ex: #FF0000)
UniColor_Color2=#type the second or darker color of the team hex color code (ex: #000000)

Some parts of the team colors on the line-up screen are for home colors (bug/color code changed but not changed on screen),
Team colors on goal cards may be incorrect due to late stats,
Changing textures or editing scoreboard files may cause some script functions to not work normally. Or forcing this scoreboard on a different league scoreboard will also cause that or possibly crash. (I have marked the file so it can be prevented).

Premier League Scoreboard made by Afandix 

Special Thanks to:
@Mohamed2746, The creator of this module
@zlac @juce @nesa24

Credits to:
@spursfan18 @TheDeath11 @eskpist, scoreboard hex doc and tools
@SiuMing, EPL Font
@NFS_FM, HQ Logos
@fdseven, EPL replay wipes and tv logos
@EDWARD7777, tv logos

Official Premier League v.1 (module and configs included) - DOWNLOAD

Download the latest module here - DOWNLOAD
The Official Premier League Font - DOWNLOAD
**The scoreboard does not yet support 4K fonts.

Download the latest config.txt and color for EPL and EFL here - DOWNLOAD
Kitserver Config (19-05-2024)
Based on the Premier League and Championship 23/24 kits made by @scottish_carson, you can check here or just adjust it to your kitserver
**Just normal use of kitserver without selecting it via the sider menu.

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