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FC 24 Copa America Promo Leaked: What We Know So Far

FC 24 Copa America Promo Leaked: What We Know So Far

In recent leaks, it has been revealed that the Copa America will be making its way to FC 24 Ultimate Team alongside Euro 2024. Here's what we know so far.

Reputable sources such as @FutSheriff, @DonkTrading, and @AsyFutTrader have disclosed that EA plans to incorporate Copa America into FC 24 Ultimate Team in the upcoming weeks. It is expected to feature tournament-themed Squad Building Challenges (SBCs) and Objectives. Additionally, leaks suggest that special packs like 81+ x5 and 83+ x5 Copa America Nations packs will be available for purchase.

The timing of the Copa America coincides with the beginning of Euro 2024, scheduled to commence on June 14, followed by the Copa America on June 20. EA seems to be gearing up to offer content from both tournaments concurrently, providing fans with a diverse range of in-game experiences.

Given that Euro 2024 starts first, it's likely that EA will release content for that tournament initially, with Copa America content following shortly after. However, this is speculative, and the exact release schedule is yet to be confirmed.

While specifics about the promos remain scarce, it's been confirmed that an in-game update for Euro 2024 will be implemented in FC 24 soon. The nature of this update is uncertain, but there's speculation that it could introduce a Euro 2024 tournament game mode akin to the one featured in FIFA 23 for the World Cup. However, there's been no indication thus far that a similar feature will be extended to the Copa America.

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