Italian Coffee 1.0 Addon for EvoWeb 2024 - Serie C 2023/2024 - PES Patch
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Italian Coffee 1.0 Addon for EvoWeb 2024 - Serie C 2023/2024

PES 2021 Italian Coffee 1.0 Addon for EvoWeb 2024 - Serie C 2023/2024

Italian Coffee 1.0 Addon - Serie C 2023/2024 made for eFootball PES 2021 EvoWeb 2024 Patch by Umberto87s. This PES 2021 update adds the entire Serie C update to the 2023-2024 season, using the fantastic EvoWeb 2024 patch.

In this patch, you will find all three groups of the Italian Serie C, inserted in place of the Dutch, Portuguese, and Russian championships. The Dutch and Portuguese championships have been moved to the place of the Asian championships so as not to lose them.

Through the changes made on the bins, the three groups belong to the Italy group, plus I set the transfer market for the Serie C teams connected purely to the Italian teams and a very small budget to have a very realistic transfer market in the Master League.

Possibility of making promotions/relegations with Serie B, using a tool that you will find inside the folder (tutorial #20 post)

Creations of more than 1200 Serie C players, with all market values updated from the website

Uniforms, logos, sponsors, and stadium images of the Serie C teams

Megafacepack which adds more than 120 faces not present in EvoWeb;

Soft update of Serie A and B transfers;

Series C scoreboard (thanks to the legendary AFR Kitmaker )

Adboard Serie C (thanks to the legendary Arl )

1. First, you need to install the EvoWeb2024 patch, which is the basis for my addon.

2. Overwrite the folders with those of the add-on in the sider folder
3. Copy the save folder to the following path: DOCUMENTS>KONAMI>EFOOTBALL PES2021>xxxxxxxxxx (individual number)
4. if you have not installed the scoreboard server, also insert the following string into your sider.ini:

lua.module = "ScoreboardServer.lua"

5. the same thing goes for adboards

cpk.root = ".\livecpk\evo_adboards"

PES 2021 Serie C 2023/2024 Addon for EvoWeb 2024 - DOWNLOAD

Credits: Italian Coffee 1.0 Addon made by Umberto87s
Special thanks to evowebofficial,  Adrian2780,  AFR Kitmaker, Arl, and domenico

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