PES 2021 Dynamic Soccer V2 - PES Patch
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PES 2021 Dynamic Soccer V2

PES 2021 Dynamic Soccer V2

Dynamic Soccer V2 Features:

- New reshade with simulated ray tracing + other effects
- better ambient occlusion
- Lighting updates (fixed lighting not changing in the 2nd half)
- Updated some turfs

Simulation with more randomness and player control.
There's only 1 variation for this release

- Improved headers
- Shot power increased slightly
- AI positioning changes
- Defence marking changes
- AI misses more chances
- AI exploits gaps more frequently
- Responsive and dribbling improved to eFootball 2024 version's values
- Better player movement (create more diverse chances of scoring)
- Diagonal through passes improved

Body Pack
- If you've downloaded a face and the skin tone doesn't match the legs and/or arms, here's an easy fix.
Just add the correct color arms and legs from the pack to the sourceimages/#windx11 for that face.
They're labeled from lightest to darkest (1-7).


PES 2021 Dynamic Soccer V2 made by elijio876

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