PES 2021 U-Power Stadium (AC Monza) - Converted from eFootball 2023 - PES Patch
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PES 2021 U-Power Stadium (AC Monza) - Converted from eFootball 2023

PES 2021 U-Power Stadium (AC Monza) - Converted from eFootball 2023

Lando, a dedicated modder and avid football fan, took up the challenge of bringing the U-Power Stadium from eFootball 2023 to PES 2021. This process required technical expertise, attention to detail, and a deep understanding of the game's mechanics. Lando started by meticulously studying the layout, design, and architectural elements of the real-life U-Power Stadium.

Using advanced modding tools and techniques, Lando recreated the U-Power Stadium within the PES 2021 game engine. He paid close attention to every aspect of the stadium, ensuring that the atmosphere and authenticity were maintained. From the pitch quality to the lighting effects, every detail was carefully replicated to deliver a realistic experience to players.

ID Info

  • ID Stadium: 009
  • ID Team: 4914 (AC Monza - SP football life 2023 ID)

How to Install:

Installing the U-Power Stadium mod is easy, and it only takes a few minutes. First, you'll need to download the stadium from the link below. Once you have the mod file, you'll need to extract it to your Stadium-Server folder 
... sider\content \stadium-server

Open map_teams.txt with a text editor and copy this line inside map_teams.txt 
4914, 009, U-Power Stadium, U-Power Stadium   # A.C. Monza code-box

Go to map_competitions.txt in your Stadium-Server folder then insert the following line:
0, 009, U-Power Stadium, U-Power Stadium, , ,code-box

Extract and copy the "U-Power Stadium" folder inside the Stadium-Server folder ...sider/content/stadium-server

Once you are in-game you can select the stadium via manual selection by pressing number 9 and navigating to the stadium.

Download "U-Power Stadium"

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Original stadium model by Konami (eFootball 2023)
Converted to PES 2021 by Lando
G. Leroy ( / blog writer

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