NBA 2K23 Oscar Tshiebwe Cyberface (Rookie) - PES Patch
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NBA 2K23 Oscar Tshiebwe Cyberface (Rookie)

NBA 2K23 Oscar Tshiebwe Cyberface (Rookie)

Today, I've got some exciting news for all you NBA 2K gamers out there. If you're a fan of the game and a follower of the real-life NBA, you're gonna love this. We're diving into the latest buzz in the gaming world - the much-awaited NBA 2K23 and a cool Rookie Cyberface made by the talented Leonchu, featuring none other than the rising star, Oscar Tshiebwe!

But who is Oscar Tshiebwe? Let me give you a quick rundown. Oscar is a young and talented basketball player who has been making waves in the real NBA world. Standing tall at 6'9" and with some impressive skills on the court, he's been catching the attention of fans and gamers alike.

How To Install Cyberfaces And Custom Player Models For NBA 2K23:

NBA 2K23 Oscar Tshiebwe Cyberface (Rookie) by Leonchu
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Cyberface made by Leonchu
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