eFootball 2023 Turf Mod: eTurf v0.9.1 - PES Patch
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eFootball 2023 Turf Mod: eTurf v0.9.1

eFootball 2023 Turf Mod: eTurf v0.9.1

eFootball 2023 Turf Mod: eTurf v0.9.1 made by Endo

The eTurf v0.9.1 mod is designed to enhance the in-game environment by improving graphics and adding realistic turf effects. Developed by Endo, a renowned modder in the gaming community, eTurf brings a whole new level of realism.

With eTurf v0.9.1, you can say goodbye to bland and repetitive turf textures. The mod introduces high-resolution textures and improved lighting effects, resulting in visually stunning soccer fields. 

Vanilla style version.
Some efforts to Increase the merits and reduce the deficiencies of the eFootball vanilla lawns.

Please pay attention!
eTurf mod does not contain database changes or something like this, the mod contains textures only.
Fully safe to play online.
Compatible with ePatch by MODY_99

How to install:

Make a backup for
pc0101_console_win.pak, pc0101_console_win.ucas pc0101_console_win.utoc
pc7000_console_win.pak, pc7000_console_win.ucas pc7000_console_win.utoc.
Unrar and copy with replacement to Steam\steamapps\common\eFootball\pak

Download "eTurf v0.9.1"

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Password: efootball2023evoweb

For an improved experience.
Strongly recommended to use together with the

eTurf v0.9.1 mod by Endo
G. Leroy (pesmodding.com) / blog writer

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