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PES 2021 European Facepack #90 by Fleishman

PES 2021 European Facepack #90 by Fleishman

Unveiling the European Facepack #90 for eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer 2021

Introducing the European Facepack #90, masterfully crafted by none other than Fleishman. This facepack is like a breath of fresh air for PES 2021 enthusiasts, as it brings to life the faces of six new players from various European football clubs. Say goodbye to generic-looking players and get ready to see your favorite stars with stunningly accurate and detailed faces!

Now, you might be wondering which clubs these new faces belong to. Well, that's the beauty of it - they come from random European clubs, adding an element of surprise to your virtual football experience. You might stumble upon the face of a player from your favorite team, or discover a new talent that you've never heard of before.

European Facepack #90 includes: Jorge Fernandes, Nuno Sequeira, Yusaf Lawal, Maxim Dekker, Joao Mendes, Vito

Check your patch ID's. Vito is on Inferno ID, the rest are on real ID

Fleishman, the talented creator behind this facepack, has put in a tremendous amount of effort to ensure that each player's face is meticulously designed and accurately represented. From their facial features to their expressions, every detail has been carefully crafted to provide a lifelike portrayal of these football icons.

It's worth noting that facepacks like these are a testament to the vibrant modding community that exists within the PES community. Talented creators like Fleishman invest their time and skills to enhance the gaming experience for players around the world. They bring fresh content and inject a sense of excitement into the game, allowing us to feel even closer to our favorite players and clubs.

Face Info:
  • Available Format: Sider 7
  • Mode: Faces
  • File Size: 39.3 MB
  • Download file type: Zip
  • Credits: Fleishman
  • How to install PES 2021 Faces tutorial here

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