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PES 2021 Áron Yaakobishvili Face


Áron Yaakobishvili Face For eFootball PES 2021
PES 2021 Áron Yaakobishvili Face

Hey there, my fellow football fanatics! Have you ever wished to have the outstanding Hungarian goalkeeper, Áron Yaakobishvili, grace your eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) 2021 team with his commanding presence? Well, get ready to witness the magic because halobaim has created an extraordinary Áron Yaakobishvili Face that will revolutionize your gaming experience!

eFootball PES 2021 Áron Yaakobishvili Face by halobaim. The new updated face of Áron Yaakobishvili, is a Hungarian professional footballer currently playing as a goalkeeper for Barcelona. The face was made by halobaim, and it is compatible with eFootball PES 2021 game versions.

Now, let's talk about this game-changing Áron Yaakobishvili FaceMod. If you're like me and want your virtual players to look as close to their real-life counterparts as possible, this FaceMod is an absolute game-changer. halobaim has meticulously crafted every aspect of Áron Yaakobishvili ' face, from his facial features to his hairstyle, making him indistinguishable from the real Áron Yaakobishvili .

As football fans, we're lucky to have such dedicated artists and developers who go above and beyond to bring us the best gaming experience possible. So, let's celebrate the incredible work of halobaim and enjoy playing as Áron Yaakobishvili in eFootball PES 2021. Get ready to dominate the virtual pitch and experience the thrill of being a true football legend!

How To Install Áron Yaakobishvili Face (CPK Version)

Use "CriPackedFileMaker" to create a "CPK" file of "Sider version" folder contents.

Copy "CPK" file to eFootball PES2021\download

Use the "DpFileList Generator" tool to add the created CPK file into your game

Play & Enjoy Game !!!

How To Install Áron Yaakobishvili Face (Sider Version)

Install Sider : PES 2021 Sider by Juce

Copy all faces folder inside your Sider folder & add the line cpk.root = ".\faces" to your sider.ini

Play & Enjoy Game !!

Original Link : PES 2021 Áron Yaakobishvili Face

Credits & Thanks To : halobaim

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