eFootball 2.6.0 Edit Menu Unlocker - PES Patch
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eFootball 2.6.0 Edit Menu Unlocker

eFootball 2.6.0 Edit Menu Unlocker

eFootball 2023 Edit Menu Unlocker by Cadi Lillian

KONAMI shipped the very first version of eFootball (2022) with an incomplete and hidden Edit Mode. The functionality is at least the same as in previous PES titles. The menu structure has been designed and ready for release, but the functions are not yet implemented as the Edit Mode is not yet officially available.

Menu Unlocker:

Cadi Lillian has activated/unlocked the Edit Mode (Menu) for testing purposes.
In order to access it, he has changed the function of the Settings button so that selecting and pressing the Settings button will open the Edit Menu.

Of course, it's nearly useless in its current state, but Cadi Lillian wanted to make it available to you.


Extract the archive and copy/move the files to your eFootball installation directory (.../steamapps/common/eFootball).

To activate the Edit Menu, run the ActivateEditMenu.bat file in the eFootball installation directory, then start eFootball.

WARNING: Only use this with blocked network access for eFootball.exe! (a Network Block eFootball.exe is included in the download)

Download "Edit Menu Unlocker"

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Password: eFootball23evowebCadiLillian

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