eFootball 2023 eTurf v0.9 + Real Logo Mod - PES Patch
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eFootball 2023 eTurf v0.9 + Real Logo Mod

eFootball 2023 eTurf v0.9 + Real Logo Mod

eTurf v0.9 made for eFootball 2023 by Endo

Hey there, fellow gamers and football enthusiasts! Today, we're diving into the exciting world of virtual soccer and discussing a game-changing addition that's set to make your eFootball 2023 experience even better. Get ready to explore the fantastic features of eTurf v0.9, crafted by the talented Endo!

First efforts in turf's editing. Minor changes, base render layer has been remade, to a greater extent for testing. Work fine online.

Also included:

New color gradient (lut's set).
Real logo mod.
No ball cursor mod (the ball target has been removed).

How to install (temporarly method)

Make a backup for pc3607_console_win.pak, pc3607_console_win.ucas and pc3607_console_win.utoc.
Unrar and copy with replacement to Steam\steamapps\common\eFootball\pak
Strongly recommend combining it with the Graphic Mod 2.6

Download "eTurf v0.9 + Real Logo"

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Password: efootball2023evoweb

NFS_FM for all logos,
Hawke for Adidas ball skin.

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