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eFootball 2023 Editor Tool Alpha Version

eFootball 2023 Editor Tool Alpha Version
eFootball 2023 Editor Tool Alpha Version

In the realm of virtual soccer, Konami's eFootball series has captured the hearts of millions of players worldwide. With its immersive gameplay and realistic graphics, eFootball has become a favorite among soccer enthusiasts. 

To further enhance the gaming experience, hdv179 has introduced the eFootball Editor Tool Alpha Version. This editing tool provides players with the ability to modify and customize various aspects of the game, such as player attributes, skills, and more.


  • Add, Delete, Edit
  • Player.bin
  • Team.bin

Editing Player.bin: This feature allows users to modify player attributes such as speed, strength, skill levels, and more. 

Editing Team.bin: With this feature, players can customize existing teams. Users can change team lineups, and formations, and even alter team strategies to match their preferred playing style.

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eFootball Editor Tool Alpha Version made by hdv179
G. Leroy (pesmodding.com) / blog writer

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