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PES 2021 SuperSport Hrvatski kup Scoreboard

PES 2021 SuperSport Hrvatski kup Scoreboard

Hey there, fellow gamers and football enthusiasts! If you're a fan of eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer 2021 and love the excitement of the SuperSport Hrvatski kup, we've got some great news for you. The talented folks at Balkan PESBOX have come up with something incredible: a custom scoreboard just for the Hrvatski kup in PES 2021.

What is SuperSport Hrvatski kup?

First things first, let's give a quick rundown of what the SuperSport Hrvatski kup is all about. It's the premier cup competition in Croatian football, pitting some of the country's top teams against each other in an intense battle for glory. The cup is highly prestigious and has a rich history, and now you can immerse yourself in the action with this amazing scoreboard.

Introducing the Custom Scoreboard

Thanks to the talented team at Balkan PESBOX, you can now enhance your gaming experience by adding the official SuperSport Hrvatski kup scoreboard to your eFootball PES 2021 matches. This custom scoreboard brings an authentic touch to your gameplay, replicating the look and feel of the actual tournament. 

How to Install:

Step 1: Extract and copy the "SuperSport HNL" folder in the scoreboard-server folder.

Step 2: Open the map_competitions.txt with any text editor and add the following line:
# SuperSport Hrvatski kup
ADD ID, SuperSport Hrvatski kup code-box

NOTE: Replace ADD ID with the Cup/League ID you want to use

Optional: For  Exhibition (friendly match) add this line to your map_competitions.txt
# Exhibition (friendly match)
65535, SuperSport Hrvatski kup code-box

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Balkan PESBOX / SuperSport Hrvatski kup Scoreboard
spursfan18 / Europa League Scoreboard used as a template
afandix / Europa League Pause Menu and Nameplates used as a template
G. Leroy ( / blog post writer

* No Replay Wipe included/ I didn't have time and skill to make it

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