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PES 2021 Overhaul Gameplay Mod

PES 2021 Overhaul Gameplay

If you're a fan of virtual soccer, you know how crucial it is for a game to capture the essence of real-life football. Gameplay mechanics play a significant role in delivering an immersive and enjoyable experience. 

Today, I want to introduce you to an exciting overhaul of gameplay in eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer 2021, created by the talented elijio876. Get ready for enhanced player control, improved AI, and a host of other features that bring this game to a whole new level of excitement!


  • More control of player movement and dribbling
  • Better switching of players
  • More compact midfield
  • More shot power
  • More randomness
  • Scripted plays removed
  • Better player ratings
  • Better player balance
  • Better player movement into open spaces
  • More manual defending (pay attention to team shape and player position or CPU will catch you out, just like in real life)
  • Better goalkeepers
  • Player attributes matter more

Installation Instructions:

To enjoy these fantastic gameplay improvements, you'll need to follow a simple installation process. First, make sure to back up your existing "dt18_all" file located in the Data folder of your game directory. 

Then, download the updated "dt18_all" file provided by elijio876 and replace the existing one with it. Launch the game, and you're all set to experience the revamped gameplay in eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer 2021!

Notes: Made to be used with Alex Poltergeist or Special Exe . Do not use with Holland's or any other Fouls cpk. A better fouls system is built-in

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Credits: Gameplay mod made by elijio876, blog writer G. Leroy (

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