PES 2021 Update Version 1.03.01 Unofficial - PES Patch
Patch Update


PES 2021 Update Version 1.03.01 Unofficial

New Gameplay Patch For PES 2021
PES 2021 Version 1.03.01 Unofficial (Steam Version)

This patch changes the gameplay in your PES 2021


  • The physics of the ball has changed respective values ​​in order to generate changes in shots, passes, center, heads. Now they are less accurate for both the cpu and the player. the second must further adjust the force bar and the direction that is given to all classes of reamtes
  • The stamina system has been changed now players no longer tire so quickly
  • The speed at which players recover and react to a fumble has been changed again. -The error that the previous version had with the left stick has been corrected.
  • The game speed has been increased with respect to the speed of the previous * .exe, it is still lower than the speed of the original game
  • It has the amount of blur this can be seen in all the cinematics of the juices
  • The version of the game has been optimized. now performance may increase for some pcs (this does not include cinematic performance improvements)
  • It has been chosen to remove the cpk files, now the exe is compatible with any dt18 although I recommend you play with the original one so as not to ruin the experience !!
  • It has been chosen not to rename the version, this is due to live updates, you can also see the version of the game is the properties of the file
  • Match speed has been reduced. Now the games are not so fast, the changes of pace are more noticeable.
  • The general physics of the ball has been changed trying to adjust it to the new speed and rhythms in the matches
  • The zoom of the second camera on free kicks has been changed-Now goalkeepers are prone to making mistakes and more realistic reactions, they also have a greater reaction depending on their stats
  • The difficulty of the cpu will be affected especially in the last minutes of the game and depending on the team, more shots, passes, etc. will also be missed.
* eFootball PES 2021 Full Unlocked :


How to Install?

  • First Make a backup your "PES 2021.exe"
  • Download file & Extract them using WinRAR.
  • Copy PES2020.exe file to your game folder (BACKUP original one !) "\Steam\steamapps\common\eFootball PES 2020\"
  • Then Copy Pes202121V2.01.CPK file to the download folder where your PES 2020 game is installed.
  • Play & Enjoy the Game!

Credit & Thanks to : Jostike Games

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