PES 2017 Smoke Patch 17.3.0 AIO + Update 17.3.1 Season 2020/2021 - PES Patch
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PES 2017 Smoke Patch 17.3.0 AIO + Update 17.3.1 Season 2020/2021

SmokePatch 17.3.0 Season 2020-2021 PES 2017
SmokePatch17 v3 (for PES17 PC) version 17.3.0 (all in one) (30.nov.2020)
update 17.3.1 (21.dec.2020)

Changes in update 17.3.1:

  • Updated players stats
  • Updated mini face pack (+5000 formation picture updated)
  • Updated the kit pack (updated and fixed many uniforms)
  • Multiple fixes and updates


  • Real faces are no longer included in the full patch to reduce the full patch size, faces will be available as optional download, if you have a previous version of Smoke Patch 2017 installed the installer will use the faces from that version
  • This patch use new database, you cannot continue Master League started before Smoke Patch 2017 v3
  • Use this update with stadiums R7 repack for best results

General Features:

  • Compatible with the latest game version
  • Ready for season 20/21
  • All players have real names
  • All teams have a real name and logo
  • All teams have real kits
  • All teams have the correct stadium name and rivals
  • All leagues have the correct name and logo
  • Removed duplicated teams
  • Added new teams
  • Added new national teams
  • Added new leagues
  • Added new classic teams
  • Added a lot of real faces (addon)
  • Added a lot of mini-faces
  • Added real balls (Ball pack provided by milad behzadi)
  • Added 100 boots and 100 gloves
  • Many others

the demo above from sp21 is similar to sp17 except for changes:

  • SP17 v3 is converted from SP21 v3, there are differences between the games so there are changes made to run without errors, see restrictions below


Squad number:

  • in pes 17, teams cannot have more than 32 players as a maximum in the teams, many teams have near 40 players, these players are mostly youth players and are moved as free agents


  • in pes17, the game cannot handle the current number of players in the database, the player's number is limited to around 20000 players only, the original SP21 database has 25000
  • most players deleted have low rates from free agents


  • in pes17, the game cannot handle the current number of teams in the database, the slots are limited to around 647 teams only (registrable in the edit file), the original SP21 database has 742
  • most of the players from the removed teams can be found as free agents


  • the leagues in pes17 are less than the newer games, there are leagues that are not available in SP17, famous teams from these leagues are moved to other teams, teams from brazil's second division are removed

ACL league:

  • in pes21 this league is located in the main database of the game, in all previous versions this league needs to be in a separated database level, this resulted in these teams missing some players especially players who play in a national team, meaning the players in these clubs that also play in a national team are not assigned to the club, this is to avoid duplications and bugs

SP17 Addons compatibility:

Sider addons:

  • all the sider sp17 addons can work with this version


  • this addon is compatible and can be used with v3 (around 97% of the ID are similar)

Alternative leagues:

  • this addon is version-specific, cannot use the addon for the older patch, a new version of this addon is required
  • the other addons should work fine, some will get new versions, be sure to read the details of the addon to have any needed information about the addon and its compatibility




  • Extract patch files
  • get all parts and be sure all are completed, extract only part one the rest will be extracted automatically, don't move any of the installation files or folders and be sure you do not get any errors.
  • Run (smokepatch17.3.0.exe)
  • run the installer and choose game option and installation folder, the patch must be installed in the same game folder, be sure you don't get errors and that the installer finished successfully.
  • if you have old smokepatch faces then they will be used for this patch


  • master league started before SP17 v3 cannot continue
  • changing the patch files or adding other mods is at your own risk
  • smoke patch does not include the game, we assume that you have bought and installed it
  • this patch is made to focus on offline modes


  • PES Smoke Patch

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