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Immersion Mod 2.0 (New Cutscenes) For PES 2021

Immersion Mod PES 2021
PES 2021 Immersion Mod 2.0 by Durandil PES & Juce

New cutscenes mod to improve your PES 2021 experience by Durandil PES & Juce. This mod only works for PC version of the game.


  • More than 250 edited cutscenes, including new animations and camera modifications!
  • A lot of new cutscenes for Master League mode: They will also change from season to season!
  • New cutscenes for Become A Legend mode: Includes scenes with the coach/staff in the lockeroom before a derby match! ??
  • New environments - Included new meetings rooms and new animations in the news menu (for ML/BL)
  • New coach animations for Master League during matches!
  • New goal celebrations + camera angles! :RSCARF:
  • New edited cutscenes in match (fouls/substitutions/timeup) :Y1
  • New camera angles for hundreds of cutscenes - before, during & after the matches!

Warning-read before installing this mod:

  • This mod is only compatible with efootball PES2021 PC Version and uses Data Pack 4.0 (02/04/21)
  • You must have the sider mod installed for this mod to work properly.
  • The mod has been tested several times which never crashed the game. Some minor bugs may however occur and a issue list is available below.
  • Be sure to follow the instructions below to properly install the mod. It has not currently been tested with any other mod or patch.
* Preview & Installation tutorial :

Mod Tips:

  • You don't need to restart a career or any game mode, changes will be visible everywhere.
  • You can delete the old Cutscene Mod. It shouldn't conflict but it's better to remove it.
  • For BAL mode, assign rival teams to your team from Edit Mode to see new cutscenes appear before a derby match.
  • I intentionally made the game able to load new scenes/cameras randomly but also the default ones, so that the new ones are more surprising to you when you will notice them in-game.
  • If you want to see only the created cutscenes/camera all the time, replace the "map.ini" file in the "content/cut-scenes" folder with the one named "map_only_new_cutscenes.ini"
  • In the sider menu, you can press F9 to reload the cutscenes module. (By default, it's updated before every match and at other times)

Credits & Thanks to :

  • Durandil PES (Main author/cutscenes creations)
  • @juce (Technical part of the mod - cutscenes.lua module for sider creator)

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