Evo Switcher 4.0 AIO + 4.1 + Update 4.2 - PES 2019

Evo Switcher PES 2019
PES 2019 Evo Switcher 4.0 AIO + 4.1 + Update 4.2

What’s Features?

  • Anthem (UCL and UEL)
  • Entrance (Coupe de France, Premier League, UCL, UEL, USC)
  • Menu Music (UCL, UEL, USC)
  • Scoreboards (BBC Soprt, Coupe de France, ESPN, Fox Soccer, Premier League, Sky Sports, UCL, UEL, USC)
  • Trophy (UEL and USC)
  • Winner Celebration (Coupe de France and Premier League)
  • All work on Exhibitions, League/Cup, ML/BAL
  • and many more to come . .

V1.1 Features :

  • Fix entrance scene for all stadium
  • Fix UEFA Super Cup
  • Fix Winner Celebration
  • Removed Ball Cursor
  • Removed Carpet Ads @Hawke
  • Referee Kit @Hawke
  • Updated Coupe de France @FuNZoTiK

V1.2 Features :

  • Fix entrance scene UCL and UEL for all stadium
  • Added Ligue 1 Conforama (Scoreboard, Entrance, Winner Platform)
  • Added Spor Toto Süper Lig (Scoreboard, Entrance, Winner Platform)
  • Added UEFA Player of the Year Award
  • Updated Coupe de France @FuNZoTiK
  • Updated Fox Soccer Scoreboard
  • Fix Referee Kit: Work on Exhibition [If you choose team from the same league. Ex: PSG vs Monaco -> Ligue 1]
  • Fix UCL Anthem
  • Fix Random Scoreboard

V1.4 Features :

  • Added Ligue 2 (Scoreboard, Entrance, Winner Platform) @FuNZoTiK
  • Added Scoreboards: (Bundesilga @1002MB, Copa Libertadores & Superliga Argentina @Lucasvillakapo, Jupiler Pro League @Furkan6141, UEFA Europa League @lohan258)
  • Added Stadium Boards: Premier League & Championship @Buzzy 
  • Added UEL Final Anthem
  • Fix CPU Usage & Virus Detect
  • Add Replay-Logo(Enable-Disable)
  • Add Dynamic Wide Camera Tweak(Thank to @nesa24 for camera address)
  • Include sider.dll new update (Thank to @juce for update sider)

V2.0 Features :

  • Competition Intro Music: Bundesliga, Community Shield, Copa Libertadores, EFL, Eredevisie, FA Cup, ICC, LaLiga, Liga_NOS, Ligue 1, Premier League, Serie_A, USC @predator002
  • Ball Pack @Hawke @zlac
  • Corner Flag: Ligue 1, Ligue 2 @FuNZoTiK
  • ML Graphic: Premier League, UCL, UEL, USC @ginda01
  • Scoreboard: (Bundesliga, DFB Pokal, DFL Supercup @1002MB, Eredivisie, FA Cup, Serie A @lohan258)
  • Live Broadcast Camera @MJTS-140914 
  • UCL and UEL commentaries for France commentator @FuNZoTiK 
  • Copa Libertadores Menu Music @mauri_d 
  • Fixed Bugs.

V2.2 Features :

  • Added Champions League Trophy * @MJTS-140914 
  • Added Champions League/Europa League Kits @Cesc Fabregas 
  • Added Champions League Substitution Boards @ginda01 
  • Added UEFA phrases for all commentaries @mauri_d 
  • Added Press Room **
  • Competition: Champions League & Europa League @ginda01 edited by @EAXposed 
  • National: Germany & Spain @Ivankr Pulquero 
  • Club: AFC Ajax, Atletico de Madrid, Bayern Munchen, Boca Juniors, Borussia Dortmund, Guadalajara, Juventus, Manchester United, Nottingham Forest, PSG, Rayo Vallecano, Real Betis, Real Madrid, Sporting Cristal, Tottenham Hotspur. @Ivankr Pulquero
  • Added ML Graphic: Coupe de France, Ligue 1, Ligue 2 @FuNZoTiK
  • Added Fan View Camera & BlackBar option @digitalfoxx @nesa24 
  • Added Generic Boards @Buzzy 
  • Added Libertadores Trophy & Brasileiro Refere Kits @PES Oficial Mexico
  • Updated All Anthem @predator002
  • New (Chilean Primera División, Danish Superliga, Jupiler Pro League, Ligue 2, Russian Premier League, Spor Toto Super Lig, FIFA World Cup)
  • Updated Champions League Banner @StevenA97 
  • Updated Scoreboard @FuNZoTi

V2.3 Features :

  • Added Goal Song: @Deltoon @mauri_d {Alkmaar, Anderlecht, Atletico, Benfica, Besiktas, CSKA, Eibar, Fenerbahce, Fiorentina, Galatasaray, Inter, Juventus, Kobenhavn, Lazio, Marseille, Milan, Olympiakos, PAOK, Porto, PSG, PSV, Real Madrid, Rennes, Rotterdam, Schalke, Seville, Shakhtar, Spartak, Utrecht, Villareal, Vitesse, Zenit}
  • Added Weather Condition @Baris 
  • Added Anthem for Exhibition @predator002 
  • Added FIFA World Cup Stadiumboards @ginda01 
  • Added Press Room: @Ivankr Pulquero {Olympique Marseille, Sporting Lisboa, Stoke City}
  • Added Scoreboard: {Coupe de France, Ligue 2 @FuNZoTiK, Globo Brasileiro, LaLiga @lohan258}
  • Added Stadium Mod: Santiago Bernabeu @ginda01
  • Update UEFA Champions League Entrance @MJTS-140914 @StevenA97 @BobDoleOwndU 
  • Fixed Live Broadcast Camera @digitalfoxx
  • Fixed Anthem @MJTS-140914 
  • Fixed Premier League Corner Flag
  • Fixed Serie A Entrance
  • Fixed Signal Iduna Park Tunnel

V3.0 AIO Features :

  • Added Entrance & Winner Celebration: (Bundesliga, Brasileiro, Community Shield, Copa del Rey, Coppa Italia, DFB Pokal, DFL Supercup, FA Cup, LaLiga, Serie A and Supercopa de Espana, Supercoppa Italiana and Trophée des Champions. @FuNZoTiK @ginda01 @G-Style), (Copa Argentina, Supercopa Argentina, Superliga Argentina @nahue), (Copa Chile, Campeonato Scotiabank @BenjaDiaz), (FA Cup, Premier League @MJTS-140914), (Ligue 1, UCL Cupstand @watermeloo).
  • Added ML Graphics: (Ligue 1 @FuNZoTiK & Copa Chile, Campeonato Scotiabank @BenjaDiaz).
  • Added Manager Kits: Liverpool @fifacana .
  • Added New BallPack @Hawke .
  • Added New ComKitServer @Cesc Fabregas.
  • Added Press Room: @Ivankr Pulquero (Atletico Tallares, CSKA Moskva, Chelsea, Feynoord, Fiorentina, Olympiacos, PSV).
  • Added Referee Kit: Campeonato Scotiabank @BenjaDiaz 
  • Added Scoreboard: (Copa Chile, Campeonato Scotiabank @BenjaDiaz), (Serie A TV logos (DAZN, Sky Calcio), Coppa Italia and SuperCoppa Italiana scoreboards @tabs78), (UEFA Europa League scoreboard v2, Bundesliga, DFB-Pokal and DFL-Supercup scoreboards v2 @1002MB), (Ligue 1, Sky Sports TV logo to UEFA Champions League @FuNZoTiK)
  • Added Trophy (FA Cup, LaLiga, Premier League @MJTS-140914, UEFA Euro, UEFA Champions League (fix) @FuNZoTiK)

V4.0 Features :

  • Fix Entrance & Winner Celebration: Bundesliga, Community Shield, Copa del Rey, DFB Pokal, DFL Supercup, FA Cup, LaLiga, Serie A, Premier League.
  • Add & Fix trophy: Bundesliga, Community Shield, Copa del Rey, DFB Pokal, DFL Supercup, FA Cup, LaLiga, Serie A, Premier League.
  • Add Scoreboard & Update "Community Shield, FA Cup, ICC".
  • Add Team Anthem: Manchetser United, Chelsea, Tottenham Hotspur, Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchetser City, WBA, PSG, Real Madrid, Atletico de Madrid, Juve, Ac Milan, Inter Milan, AS Roma, Dortmund, Bayern Munchen,
  • You can add other anthem.

V4.1 Features :

  • Update all anthem teams @predator002
  • Update Scoreboard EPL @Cesc Fabregas
  • Fix anthem bug @MjTs-140914
  • Add Ligue 1 Scoreboard v2, Coupe de France Update Pack, Trophée des Champions Update Pack @FuNZoTiK
  • Add Scoreboard Copa Del Rey @Hova_Useless
  • Add EvoDynamicCamera (X-Input Controller support) @juce, @nesa24, @MjTs-140914
  • EvoKit Update CDR, LaLiga, SUPERCOPA ESPANNA @Glauber Silva

V4.2 Features :

  • Update referee-kit @hawke
  • Update Ball @hawke
  • Update CommonLib.lua @zlac
  • Update EvoPressRoom @Ivankr Pulquero, @RafaelFS98, @Loopy, @Tiitoo, @Zarrix
  • Update sider.dll @juce
  • Update anthem team specific league thank to @Cesc Fabregas for suggestion @MjTs-140914
  • Update GoalSong @mauri_d
  • Add EvoMockStadium @hawke
  • Fix UCL/UEL Scene in Final @MjTs-140914
  • Fix UEL Trophy selebration @FuNZoTiK
              Download PES 2019 Evo Switcher 4.0 AIO + 4.1 + Update 4.2

              Installation Tutorial :

              • Delete EvoSwitcher folder
              • Delete all Evoswitcher modules
              • Extract and copy all file and folder to PES 2019 installation folder.

                Password 4.0 : EvoSwitcher v4.0
                Password 4.1 : EvoSwitcher v4.1 Update
                Password 4.2 : EvoSwitcher v4.2 Update

                Credit & Thanks to :

                • MJTS-140914
                • Ginda01

                Other Credits :

                • @juce
                • @nesa24
                • @Txak
                • @predator002
                • @Westham77
                • @Cesc Fabregas
                • @FuNZoTiK
                • @Furkan6141
                • @sincover
                • @StevenA97
                • @shawminator
                • @mauri_d
                • @Chuny

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