Real Scoreboards and Replays 2.0 - PES 2021 - PES Patch
Patch Update


Real Scoreboards and Replays 2.0 - PES 2021

Pack Scoreboards Server For PES 2021
PES 2021 Real Scoreboards and Replays 2.0

Real Scoreboards & Replay Logo PES 2021
Those files replace the default Konami's scoreboards for the follow competitions: Brazil, France, England, Italy, Spain and UCL
Also you will have the real replays for each friendly game and competition, just put the files inside livecpk folder and add the line on sider, and put all scoreboards inside your scoreboard_server overwritting when ask


  • Newest Version of Sider by Juice :
  • CommonLib.lua v1.0 :
Attention here: Make the backup of your "map_competitions" first.


  • Put the "content" and "modules" folders inside sider 7.0 by juce
  • Make sure you are using "scoreboard_server" by zlac
  • Put the replay folder inside livecpk on sider
  • Add this line below on "sider.ini" for having all replays on the game (PES 20 and 21) cpk.root = ".\livecpk\Replay"
  • Run as "Sider.exe" & play PES 2021 game!

Credits & Thanks to :

Lex Luthor USA , All scoreboards and replays makers

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