Tattoos Repack 2020 (No Real Eyes) - PES 2017 - PES Patch
Patch Update


Tattoos Repack 2020 (No Real Eyes) - PES 2017

New Tattoo Pack PES 2017
PES 2017 Tattoos Repack 2020 (No Real Eyes)

What's New?

  • Added New Faces & Tattoos
  • Removed all real eyes from all faces
  • Fix dry faces
  • Update For All Users, [Low / Med / High]
  • Total= 842 Faces & Tattoos (Because I deleted the retired players except the legendary players)
Download PES 2017 Tattoos Repack 2020 (No Real Eyes)

How To Use?

  • Download file & Extract using WinRAR
  • Copy the Tattoo Pack CPK file to download folder then generate it
  • Open tattoo_appearance_2017_edit - v1.1 (the tool is already inside)
  • Copy your File OF (EDIT00000000) to tattoo_appearance folder, then double-click tattoo_appearance_2017_edit.exe (if there were any skin IDs to change, you’ll see it in the cmd-line window)
  • Now copy file "EDIT00000000_encryted" to save folder (C:\Users\_\Documents\KONAMI\Pro Evolution Soccer 2017\save),
  • then rename EDIT00000000_encryted to EDIT00000000
  • Done, Enjoy The Game!


  • This Tattoopack only compatible with patch using Real ID from konami (etc: T99 Patch, 17Patch)
  • If you use T99 Patch v4.0, the file EDIT00000000 already inside, so you can copy to save folder or you can make a new one by following the tutorial above
  • There are various tutorials inside (Only in Indonesian text): { How to remove real eyes?, How to add tattoos for new players?, How to change faces at Tattoopack }

Repacked By : Hcs

Credis & Thanks to:

FR Facemaker, Bayu Setyo (BPES MODS ID), Hendri SimZ, M.I.S - PES 2017, PES ANDRI, Awaluddin Aco, Faces by Eddie, A5 Facemaker Pes 17, Faces By Moha, Faces Dewatupai pes 17, Love01010100, Wer Facemaker, Faces By Alief, Face By Dicky, Mirukuu Project PES Mod, YNWA Facemaker, PES 17 MOD, Ferdiyansyah Surya Pratama (PES MOD Ferdiyansyah), Thaufik Ganzter, TR, Kiyavash, Facemaker Yomi, Facemaker Feqan, M.Elaraby Facemaker, MartimLima14 facemaker, Seba_Facemaker, Prince Shieka, Faku Facemaker & TattooMaker, Youssef Facemaker, Pribowo Subekti, Purp Mete, Marcéu, Cholel Cesc, Amir.Hsn7 Facemaker, Prince Hamiz, Danilo Silva, Hawke, Facemaker Huseyn, Facemaker Jefferson_SF, Facemaker DanielValencia, CN_Facemaker, Sevak, Tattoos by Sho9_6, Oղǝ Facemaker, Facemaker Sameh Momen, Bebo Facemaker 2002, Facemaker Kodigo, ARSHIA, MODO Guerrero, Facemaker autentiko, NaniLincol44 Jonathan Facemaker, Bou7a Facemaker, Judas_Facemaker, Bono Facemaker, EmreT, AlirezaFree, OZY_96 MOD, Facemaker Abdo Mohamed, Jarray & The White Demon Facemakers, Luis Facemaker, Andrey_Pol, GONDURAS2012, Rednik, Facemaker Znovik_S, G-PW, Nahue Facemaker, Lucas Facemaker, Litos Facemaker, Facemaker Shenawy, ABW_FaceEdit, Ahmed Tattoo & Facemaker, Solo Facemaker, Zlac, Tunizizou, FIFA 14TATTOOMAKER, SUPERNOVA, GETTY IMAGES, SXSXSX and All Faces & Tattoos Maker (Sorry if I forgot to write your name/page on credit)

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